Monday, 11 April 2011

Plants are like people...

One of the young men I work with made the observation last week that 'plants are like people' and in that one short phrase he summed up my working life. At one level people are all the same, but all different-just like these daffodils he grew which was what prompted the comment.

But it goes so much further than that; whilst working with him we've talked about what plants(we) need to grow well, what makes plants(us) sick and how plants(people) need space, time and the right conditions if they are going to blossom to their full potential.

This boy has witnessed terrible tradgedy in his young life and last week we talked about a scar running down a tree we were working near. How although the tree would never be the same because of a huge trauma resulting in a large scar, it could still grow and ultimately blossom. Just like him. 

He's right-plants are just like people...

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