Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Thrushes galore

Another observation by C this morning-2 song thrushes on the green. We have never had thrushes locally until the last 12 months-I'm guessing the cover wasn't right before with there being no mature trees as its a newish estate. Last year we began to get regular visits from a mistle thrush, singing its heart out from the roof tops and then in the last few months we have seen song thrushes around occasionally. Imagine our joy at finding some broken open snail shells in our front garden last week-maybe my salad leaves will be safe at last!!!

That's provided the thrushes hang around now all the bushes have been cut back to the barest branches by the council,at least its been done before any of the birds should have started prospecting for nest sites-although the blue tits have already been surveying our nest box so love is definitely in the air already for some birds...