Monday, 12 September 2011

Non directive Woodland Session-Part 1

So, we started seated around the log circle...

...and we talked about how to keep ourselves safe in the woods. The teacher asked if anybody had any ideas what they might like to do and the talk turned to den building. Several of the boys wanted to build a den for all their male friends so two of the pupils counted how many boys there were, and then of course we had to count how many girls there were so we knew how big their den would need to be!

But during the counting movement began to occur, which got a little confusing, however it was the cue that everybody needed and suddenly they were all up and away. Nobody seemed uncertain or unsure, they were off to explore...

There were some crude weapons;

and creativity;

and hanging out with friends;

and experimenting;

The only complaint: it didn't last for long enough!

The only request so far: string!!