Monday, 11 October 2010

Autumn Beauty

What an amazing day. Dragons breath this morning much to C and W's delight-our first properly cold night and as the sun rose the sky was the most dazzling blue. The leaf colour is becoming more intense every day and because its been so dry the leaves that are on the ground are crinkly and crunchy, perfect for wellie walks. W has discovered that a conker is a whole tree in his hand and is avidly collecting them to plant a whole forest. Another child I know can't wait and instead of collecting seeds, picks any seed head he finds and plants it instantly-he is desperate to spread the beauty of trees as quickly as he can.

The birds seem to be making the most of the plentiful insect supply and are ignoring the feeders-a large flock of longtailed tits spent a happy hour hunting under the peeling bark of our neighbours eucalyptus with much chatter and frivolity. They are a household favourite-how could they not be when they are so fluffy and they bob with that ridiculously long tail!

A definite day to stand and stare...