Monday, 5 September 2011

Whole Class Non Directive Woodland Sessions

One of the key principles with my sessions is that they are child led and as non directive as possible, apart from keeping ourselves safe. That's manageable when I'm on a 1:1 or 1:2 but how about a whole class?

I met at teacher at an IOL conference last year who had taken her EYFS class into the woods for non directive sessions but I stupidly didn't get her name or number. Does anybody have any experience of a totally non directed session, in a wood, for a whole class of KS1 pupils?

I'm hoping the only discussion prior to the session would be some safety rules agreed by the class and then we would move to the woodland and see what happens. The staff to pupil ratio should be quite high, maybe 1:4.

A very experienced forest schools trainer suggested I start with a directed activity which then naturally progresses to a more independent exploration and experience. I am struggling with this because I see the benefits of being self led within sessions, am I naive to think I can recreate this in a whole class setting?

Any thoughts or comments welcome...