Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mini creatures

Spent the day outside so of course the lovely weather had disappeared: cooler, overcast and light drizzle-much more appropriate for this time of year but I missed the burst of sunshine and warmth from earlier this week.

It was an autumn clear up day with no little people, just little creatures to keep me company. Had a large area of production beds to clear which kept the robin happy-all the insects and worms were laid out buffet style and it certainly made the most of the bonanza.

Next I moved into the walled garden and found the most gorgeous little lizard hiding against the wall-I could have watched it all day it was stunning. The saying small but perfectly formed is true!!!

Reluctantly I carried on with my task of weeding, large numbers of nettles most of which stung me as I pulled them out! However it was worth it because kneeling low down, hidden by the plants I was suddenly surrounded by a flock of long tailed tits chattering away incessantly-checking in with each other all the time, and then just as suddenly they were gone, only to be replaced by a wren, less than two foot away from me.

Its certainly been a day for small creatures all of which gave me infinite pleasure...